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Focaccia Genovese

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Focaccia Genovese

Second time I tried focaccia, using Reinhart's Pain a la Ancienne technique at about 77% hydration. Even though, I could bake on the same day, I further retarded the proofing stage overnight in the fridge. This was our Sunday treat. I was impressed with the airy crumb and the natural sweetness that came with the cold water technique. Herb oil just topped it off...

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Both of your posts today are fantastic! The photos of the Focaccia are beautiful, especially the close up of the edge. It looks good enough to eat.


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Nice bread, and absolutely gorgeous pictures! It looks just like I am holding it in my hand, ready to take a bite!! I'm going to have to make some of that, for sure.

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Im drooling on my keyboard..this is wonderful focaccia.  I have a very large deep dish pizza pan 14"X1 1/2".  What size pan did you use?  It is very encourageing to see all the new bakers coming to TFL shareing thier gorgeous bakes and photos.  Welcome hazimtug!


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Hi Sylvia, cool to see that I can create the same effect over others... That's usually how I feel when I start going through so many wonderful posts on TFL, and I get inspired to try out new breads... This weekend, I tried Hammelman's rustic bread with a little bit of rye and ww flours. I am not impressed. Right now, I am proofing the same ingredients using Reinhart's C&C formula for his award-winning sourdough. I have higher hopes for that one.

Sorry, I digress... This focaccia used 26 oz of flour. For that, I used a circular pan of about 14" in diameter. Reinhart recommends use of a half sheet pan, i.e., 12" x 17". Hope this helps...


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very interesting, good photo presentaion

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Thanks all for all the nice comments... Taking photos have become part of bread making for me, which I have only started last Fall. In the US, I was really into pizza making after having the opportunity to take a class from Peter Reinhart while living in SF Bay Area. Now that I have some more time on my hands in Cyprus, I've started exploring breads.

I'll keep them coming... May your bread rise :)

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That looks magnificent!  Now you've got me drooling and longing for a bite!  The focaccia I used to make had mashed potato in it and looked quite similar; does this have potato in it?

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Hey Paddy,

Thanks for the comments ;).. No potatoes, only water & some olive oil. I only made this one once. I should try it again sometime soon, see if I can reproduce the results.


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Bonjour Hazim,

The bread looks awesome. Could you please post the recipe?