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My first entry

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My first entry

Hello everyone,

I found this wonderful website a few weeks ago and my baking has improved tremendously.... I finally made a batch that vaguely resembles the amazing photos you guys post here. here are 3 photos:

the whole batch

the brown ones are whole wheat and the the ligher ones are 70% whole wheat. All sourdough.

the crumb

and another one: this one was scored by my wife; we are new to scoring and she is the brave one...

first brave scoring

I'll be happy to have any comments you have, espcially recommendations for improvments!

Thanks for looking!


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Your breads look terrific, and your photography isn't bad either!


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great job,

It seems the bread baking bug has you too! That is quite a display of breads. I love the crumb on the whole wheat loaf in the second picture, keep up the good work, and happy baking


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that does look very nice, trust it will taste good as well.

Just wondering: what would you do with all of that bread? Big family, planned a party, lots of friends? Freezer ;(.

I have progressed as well this I joined this lot here....


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Let's see: there were 10 loaves(quite small ones):

2 or 3 we finished on the same day (some friends helped us),

2 went to my neighbors,

one went into the freezer and it is still there,

one went to my sister,

2 went for a picnic

and one is still waiting in the bread box. sourdough bread keeps well after all...

By the way - me and my wife spent about a year in Leiden, and we still miss the dutch bread (and cheeses of course), in particular a bread called Duinenbrood - which is a yeasted bread full of sunflower seeds. this was before we discovered sourdough.

Thanks again! menny


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Now I'm hungry.  Peckish is what the English say in Britain.  Good photo sure to make bakers do some thinking.

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Interesting that you have lived in Leiden, I looked up Duinenbrood for you. It is not a common name for a bread. One baker mentions it, van Maanen. I have never heard of them, but it looks very nice. On their website they describe the bread as "what if we would add extr sunflower, linseed, pieces of hazelnuts in our multiple grain bread?" result is tasty, healthy and stays well for a long time.

They have a celebration when they existed 100 years as a backery : A video can be found here (no sound, the related videos can be interesting as well).

Maybe I should revise my opinion about bread from the Netherlands. As a student I lived in the US (wonderbread memories), after living in Switzerland I was quite disappointed with the bread in Holland. Things have improved, in the US as well. Same for the beer btw, maybe there is relation.

Years ago I visited a this museum, I will upload a few pictures this weekend.
Do visit Holland again..

Cheers (met vriendelijke groeten)