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First Edible Loaf

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First Edible Loaf

Because I had failed so many times to make a loaf of bread that I thought was worthy of serving to my friends and family I decided to reduce the size of my bread recipes to avoid wasting so many ingredients.  This loaf, the first I've ever made that I have any sense of pride in, is a "loaf for two" made with a scant 127 grams of flour, 89 grams water, 2.5 grams yeast, 2.5 grams salt, and an egg wash even got kudos from the LOML. 

It was a real confidence builder.

Thanks to those who encouraged me to continue trying.

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That is a beatiful loaf.   Well done!

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That loaf is more than a confindence builder...that's world class! !

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love your scoring how did it spread so lovely i never get that with my bread. any tips? anyone?

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Well, "rolls", keeping in mind that I'm a novice here  -  all I can tell you is how I approached this scoring task.

My intention was to create something resemblling a scallop shell pattern.

Just before depositing the loaf onto the baking stone, I first cut into the loaf with a VERY sharp knife from top (edge farthest away from me) toward the edge nearest  me and stopped cutting about 1/2 - 2/3 of the distance.  That cut actually started a little beyond the "top" of the dough and slightly down onto the side of it.  The cut was easily an inch deep.  Then I cut two more openings, about the same depth but didn't stop quite as soon as I had with the first cut, which were placed about a third of the distance from the first cut to the edge of the dough nearest me.  Then I made two cuts between the others.  After cutting it, there was probably about a five minute delay until I actually got it into the oven but I don't know if that delay had any effect on the way the loaf developed while it was cooking.