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What is a good digital scale for under $200?

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What is a good digital scale for under $200?

I bought a real cheap one at Wal-Mart for $30. It's a joke, but all I could afford at the time. It is allowing me to develop my own recipes, which is why I bought it in the first place, but I am not holding out any hope for its future. I'd like something large and professional-bakery quality, but I cannot afford to budget more than $200 for one.

The biggest requirements is that it have both metric and pounds and be able to weigh up to and including 25 pounds. Again, digital is a must. I'd prefer a corded unit over a battery (rechargable or otherwise) unit.




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Go to the Kitchen/Food section of Old Will Knott Scale Co., scroll to the bottom, and you will find a number of choices. 

I spot a 12 kg MyWeigh with 1 g resolution for $159.  Some of the Citizen (a brand I am not familiar with) models farther down are also sold on their Legal for Trade page at a higher price, which would lead me to believe that they are the same units just without a legal calibration certificate - if you don't plan to use the scale for selling by weight you can get two certified calibration weights for your own use for much less than the difference in price.  There are other options there too.

Another source is laboratory supply companies.

If you are buying in that price range you might also want to pick up a pocket scale with 0.1 g resolution such as the MyWeigh 400-ZH - that will give you a more flexible tool for weighing yeast and salt than your big scale.


Something odd going on with the MyWeigh web site right now - it has pages that link from Google but no content.  Odd.

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I've had the Escali M-3315 about a year and it works great.  It's rated up to 33 pounds and weighs in 5g increments.  It even has an additional readout on the backside plus a backlight function.  It's corded, but you can also use it with C batteries.  It's a little large, but what you'd expect for a 15kg scale.


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Northwest sourdough has a my weigh 8000 for under $60. It will go to 17.5lbs.