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Electrolux DLX in Canada

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Electrolux DLX in Canada

So I'm taking back my Cuisinart 7QT stand mixer to Sears tomorrow with a tear in my eye.  At least they'll still have to take it back because of the 30 day policy.  So my next problem is what to get to replace it.  I've been reading some of the posts here as well as elsewhere and the Electrolux DLX sounds like just the ticket.  The only problem, I live in Canada and it is not available here. I can buy it from the US and ship it up here for about $800 CDN or get it from one Canadian Web site for about $900 CDN. 


The problem is that Electrolux has terrible customer service.  I called them today to inquire about this product.  They insisted that I find the actual model number myself because they couldn't search for it, then proceeded to tell me that it was exclusive to the US and not available in Canada.  I asked about warranty information and they told me that they would not warranty it if I bought it and woudn't even provide me with parts if I needed to repair it.


If I hadn't bought this Cuisinart from Sears I'd be really stuck at this point having two of them crap out on me in less than 30 days.  It's not like Cuisinart has terrible customer service either, but if I had to send it back to the US for service everytime something went wrong it'd be a huge pain.


Are there any Canadians here that have the Electrolux?  How long have you had it?  What have your experiences been with it?  Have any of the Canadians gone through the same decision process that I am going through and decided on a different mixer?  Please weigh in.





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That's what I bought, in Montreal.  It works for me, though I usually do the kneading by hand.

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I would call Pheasant Hill Grain who sells the DLX and find a way to buy one from them. I have never heard of one failing. That doesn't mean it won't but in all the posts I have never heard of a single complaint. The mechanism is far more simple so they run forever.


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I agree that Electrolux support in Canada is weak.  I've read on other boards that the DLX is (in general) quite easy to repair and common problems can be DIY'd with parts/guidance from Magic Mill USA.  I've also been contemplating the purchase of a DLX... I'm heading to Florida for a weekend in May and may look for one then.  With a little luck, the currency exchange rate will be a little better then ;)