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How do I convert bread machine recipe?

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How do I convert bread machine recipe?

I just joined this forum and am really glad to have found it. I recently purchased a Bosch Universal mixer to make bread in. The only breads I have previously made were in a bread machine. But I need help.

How do I convert the bread machine recipes so that I can now make them in my mixer? In what order must I put in the ingredients? Liquid or dry ingredients first? Can I put the yeast in directly from the jar or must I first dissolve it in water? When do I add raisins to the mixture?

Also, how long do I mix the dough? Do I let it rise only once and for about how long?

One recipe calls for 1/4 cup vital wheat gluten for a 1 1/2 lb. loaf in the bread machine. Is it recommended that I double or triple the gluten when doubling (or tripling) the recipe?

I do not want to use a starter, at least not yet. I'm hoping to figure this out and make some great homemade bread (DH has been bugging me for some).

Thank you for any advice.

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Welcome Marion! I am a novice baker, but I have learned a few things I can pass on.
I have converted bread machine recipes..start with your dry ingredients and then
add your liquid.
If you are using bread machine yeast "Rapid Rise" you can add it directly to the dry
ingredients. Active Dry yeast need to be mixed in warm water 100-110 deg and left
to sit for 10 minutes or so, until bubbly, and then added.
I have an Oster mixer, similar to a Kitchen aid. The Bread Baker's Apprentice (BBA)
suggests that you can mix for 4 min, let the dough rest 5 min, then mix for another 4 min.
Then I usually finish kneading by hand for a few minutes. I also use the autolyse
method of just stirring the wet and dry ingredients till they form a ragged dough
and then letting it sit covered for 20 minutes before really mixing.
I use Bob's Red Mill Vital gluten which suggests using a Tbls for each cup of flour.
Raisins, I've thrown in the mixer towards the end and I have also incorporated them
while folding.
I think proofing depends alot upon the recipe.
I think your best bet would be to try some of the recipes posted in "Favorite Recipes"
or start with "The Lessons"
Hopes this helps a little bit. You will find great guidance from the bakers here..
they are great!

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Thank you for your reply. Does instant yeast follow the same guidelines as bread machine yeast? I have read that I should just let the heavy duty machines such as the Bosch or DLX run until the dough is kneaded. But I'm not sure for how long or if that is indeed the method to be used.

Does anyone own a Bosch mixer?

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Thank you Marion for requesting this info. asI am a novice too regarding the use of various bread recipes to be preocessed in a bread machine. What I would like to ask is whether there are actual modifications needed regarding liquid, sugar, flour etc when using a bread machine?