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Another question

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Another question

I've noticed in some videos that I was directed to that the bakers use some items I'm not familiar with, and wouldn't know where to purchase.
One item is sort of a mold that has ridges.....but the baker doesn't bake in these molds....he turns the dough from the molds onto a paper lined sheet pan when ready to bake. Looks cool, and seems to give a free rising loaf a little more stability.
The other item is some sort of's not a towel, it's job specific. The baker used this cloth to help his baguettes rise without spreading too much.....he scruntched the cloth up against the baguettes as they were proofing. It was quite large, and he was able to use one cloth for quite a few baguettes.
Interesting stuff.

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Rainwater, may I recommend that you take a look at the FAQ section of this site? There is a glossary that has answers to most of your questions (

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See "banneton", "brotform" and "couche".