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Looking for Rye Pita bread recipe

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Jassie 2

Looking for Rye Pita bread recipe


Would greatly appreiciate it if someone could provide me with a good rye pita bread recipe.



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Next time you make rye bread, turn your oven up high, take some of the dough, roll it out thinly, let it rise a tad, then put it onto a stone or preheated baking sheet and see what happens.  I did that with some oatmeal bread dough just for the heck of it, and wound up with a decent oatmeal pita.

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Jassie 2

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I hope you try this one. It is a beautiful rye pita.

Azuki Orange Cocoa Rye  (8 pita)


(1) Autolyse Whole Grains

  105   gr   whole wheat flour

  30     gr  whole rye flour

  103  gr  water                                

  3  gr  salt       

- mix all ingredients to get a shaggy

  dough (use a clear quart container)

(2) Refresh Starter

  10  gr  rye sour (100% hydration)

  45  gr  w w flour

  45  gr  water 

– mix all ingred and then gently lay it on top   of the shaggy dough (1).

Cover qt container with a loose lid; let doughs rest for 6-8 hr (60-75F) until rye sour mix is full of bubbles.

(3) Bulk Ferment 

  13  gr  pwdr cocoa 

  3   gr  veg oil ;  ¼ tsp SAF yeast (opt)

  10    gr  dark molasses (1.5-2tsp)

  2  tsp  oronge zest, grated, sugared

  25  gr  azuki bean cooked puree (opt)

  15  gr  extra flour (if needed)

(3) - place above ingred at bottom of large bowl and blend well.  Place dough from (1) and (2) and knead tog well. (4-6 min)


Develop Dough Rest 30 min; 

1 strong fold, then rest 30 min;

Laminate dough, rest 90 min;

1 coil fold, rest 30 min.

See -YouTube, JoyRideCoffee, 100% WhWheat Bread; start 5:00

Cook Pita -You can use a stovetop method.

full recipe at