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First Try At A Multi-Grain Rustic Bread

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First Try At A Multi-Grain Rustic Bread

Well, this whole week I have been making different kinds of pre-ferments, one each day, so I would have something to bake on the following day. 

Yesterday I made some pre-ferment which proofed on my counter for 20 hours, and today I attempted to make my first rustic bread out of Hamelman's Bread book.

I was hoping I could get some criticism from some of you guys because there was no picture of this bread in the book to show me what the end product should look like.

If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate any input.

Round and loaf, each 1.5 lbs, final proofing with improvised couche. 1 hr 25 mins @ 72 degrees.

Before scoring.  Someone wrote to me that there was a good tutorial on here addressing scoring.  I have been looking around and have not had any luck finding it.

Steamed in steam pan at 550 degrees.  36 minutes to finish at 450. Note the scoring issues. Ouch!

One inch of so so crust.

Not sure how the crumb should look.

With the 25x20x50 blend of rye, whole wheat and bread flour, the aroma was fantastic but I was expecting much more in the way of flavor.  It was borderline bland.  Maybe more salt? EV olive oil?

I'm sure this is a very mundane post to some of you pros, but if anybody is familiar with this particular recipe, I would appreciate any comments on where I ended up compared to a proper loaf.

Last note: At 69% hydration, I ended up .4 oz off this recipes final weight.



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Hi, Darren.

Both loaves look good to me. The crumb shot is a bit blurry, but it looks pretty on-target for a 69% hydration multi-grain.

I haven't made this particular bread, so I cannot comment on the flavor. I have made the Hamelman multi-seed levain and the 5-grain levain. They are both very flavorful. If you are weighing your salt, I find Hamelman's formulas about perfect to my taste.

You can't find the scoring tutorial? Double click on the right hand photo at the top of the TFL home page - the one titled "Tutorial: Scoring." Or click on this link:


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If that link had hands it would have slapped me.  Thanks for being nice.  That could of been an easy shot at a new poster.

I will check out the tutorial.


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Gosh, sorry, I can't help you. They look great!  You say and inch of crust, which I don't see. Perhaps, for a thinner crust, try lowering to 425 next time.


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Thanks for the positive feedback.

I am finding it amazing how quickly one can become so enamored with a new hobby.  But it has certainly happened to me in the last couple of months.

I will also add that finding TFL has increased my desire to diversify my baking due to the wealth of resources and knowledgeable people on this forum.  It also shows me that I have mush to learn.


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These are very nice loaves and look very yummy! 


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Coming from someone who has yet to tackle artisan bread I would say that these loaves look very good!