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I saw a great presentation from Peter Rheinhart on (really great) and subsequently this website. I never realized more people are that interested in the real breadmaking.... it started for me when my Swiss baker told me he had no 'bread' when I ordered one. I had to first tell him why I wanted the bread...

Here is my first contribution to this forum: Zopf! Original Swiss / Austrian, (braided bread?)

These two have a bit too much sugar on top, but the kids....

The one above was done by a friend of a friend. She was near professional and
I have not tried to copy this, yet. Does anyone know how this is done?



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Welcome to TFL. If I understand correctly, you would like to learn to bake the second loaf in your post. It looks like an enriched bread made with eggs, oil sugar added. The gloss says it has been washed or brushed with beaten eggs prior to baking, probably twice.

If I had to guess, I would say it is a Challah, braided of course. Here is a link to one of many posts on this popular holiday bread. Challah

If that is not what you are thinking of, I suggest you search for "enriched breads"

Good luck and I hope to see your future posts.


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It looks like a six-strand braid.  The ropes are a lot thinner than the ones in a regular challah and are not tapered. 


There is a good recipe and a video showing the braiding here:

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Welcome! I'm not sure, but that might be a 6-strand braid. This video will be really helpful:


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Thanks for the comments, I will try it out this weekend.

I looked up the Cholla recipe, it is quite different. This is not Cholla.

Groeten (meaning 'regards' in Dutch)!

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What's different about it?  Other than the shape, of course.


(never mind,  I see the recipe below.)



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is the german word for braid.

a zopf usually has three strands but, with six strands it would still be a zopf.

dough and preparation are quite similar to challah. exept for the kosher part.

for the dough you need:

unbleached all purpose  or bread flour                                     1000 gr

one pack dry yeast                                                                    21 gr

salt                                                                                          1 tsp

sugar                                                                                       1 tsp

butter                                                                                    120 gr

milk whole                                                                              500 ml

prep :

milk needs to be warm, butter liquid but warm

kneed until nice and smooth with well developed strands

set aside and let the dough rise until it doubled the volume, fold and shape three or as many strands as you like.

let the finished zopf rest for another 40 min. or so, then brush on the eggwash.

preheat oven to 400 F bake for 40 min or golden.

the dough should be quite stiff but flexible. if needed add more milk or flour.

some bakers add one egg yolk to the dough.

some use high gluten flour.

one more thing:

me being swiss never had any 'splaining to do when i tried to buy a pice of bread.

take care


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Thank you for the tips, I should now be able to make an six or even eight strand zopf.

BTW this is the flour I use : Vorarlberger mehl. There is a recipe for Zopf on the back.