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Third time is a charm

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Third time is a charm

Howdy all,

I just started baking a couple of weeks ago to make Chicago deep dish pizza (a la Uno's).  That was successful on the first try.  The latest was an artichoke heart, roma tomato, and mushroom pizza, yum.

I figured that bread was bread and I tried making a loaf.  This is the third try.  The first spread more.  The second didn't rise as much.  This one was the money shot.  I guess third time is a charm.

This is an excellent web site.  The Sweet Potato Pugliese Bread looks great. 

I though I would familiarize myself with the functioning of the web site.  I believe that these are the customary photos for a bread shot.




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Janet Campbell

... seems to be the norm! I'm new to baking myself and I have to say baking bread and making dough is in my top ten feel good things to do. Everyone I've connected with on The Fresh Loaf have been welcoming and full of suggestions. The site is full of information so enjoy snooping around.

The loaf looks good... let us know how it tastes :-)