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Danish Dough Whisks from

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Bad Cook

Danish Dough Whisks from

I'm thinking of ordering the Danish Dough Whisks from  Have any of you had any experience ordering from this company?  They have a really good price on the dough whisks, compared to other places I've looked.  They sure do have a lot of stuff, and the prices seem reasonable, though I don't shop for kitchen supplies much, so I don't know for sure.  Are they?  I'd be interested in hearing anything anyone has to say about them.

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I ordered a lot of things from them last year. Tart pans and baking sheets etc. Everything came well packaged and as you say the prices were very good. I plan on using them for another baking stone or the separate tiles haven't decided yet which. Unless things have changed they are very good. Caroline

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I just received a Danish dough whisk that I ordered from breadtopia. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but it looks good, feels very sturdy in the hand and I like the fact that it's made in Poland. FYI, Breadtopia's price is similar to and their service is great. I'll report back in a couple of days after using the whisk.

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Bad Cook

Fante's price is better than Breadtopia's (4.99 as opposed to 7.00 for the small, 6.99 as opposed to 8.00 for the large), unless the shipping is less on BT?  I can't find anywhere on BT where they tell how much the shipping charges are.

I'm anxious to get one, as I'm just now starting to get my sourdough NKB to start actually having the texture of bread instead of rubber.  Yay!  And actually, since the shipping will be the same amount if I order the small AND the large at the same time, I think I'm going to go ahead and get both, just in case.  They look great.....I have a really hard time getting the NKB mixed with wooden spoons....have a little arthritis in my hands.

Thanks for all the answers!

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My package from BT was shipped with USPS for about $5 (it was more than just the whisk and the box was sizeable) and I got it in 2 business days. Don't know anything about shipping speed or charges. Enjoy the whisk(s) wherever you get them from :).

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Love ordering from them.
They have great products and are very respectable.
If you don't have these yet I highly recommend them:

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I have an order coming next week from fantes (brotform, brioche pan, and some other stuff). Their service was pretty fast, but I don't think I got a confirmation email from them apart from the shipping notice

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They're fine, never had any problems with them.

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Which ones do you mean?

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...I meant the seller.
I've tried whisks but still prefer hands or wooden spoons.
The two I use the most came from The Pampered Chef.

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Fantes is an excellent company offering good products that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere.

I purchased my Danish dough hook (made in Poland) at a local culinary store for $6.

I use it primarily when refreshing my sourdough.  Nifty product.


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I bought my whisk from Eric at Breadtopia, just because I like to support mom and pop operations - that's only reason.


And I use it constantly.  Mix everything with it.

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I got my dough whisk from breadtopia, and love it.  But, thanks for letting me know about Fantes.  I don't have a good kitchen supply store locally.


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frankie g

not trying to self promote...  all that were mentioned above are great companies... especially Breadtopia..

our website:

Our profits are for our daughter's school fund.

Frankie G