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Multigrain Struan on the first try.

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Multigrain Struan on the first try.

I just made my first loaf using Reinhart's Whole Grain Bread and it came out rather well despite three initial worries.  At first my soaker seemed too wet, then the dough didn't quite get the perfect "windowpane" effect (at this point I figured I may as well just bake the thing since I thought I had already messed it up with the soaker and then try to bake the loaf again) and then because my house was so cold it struggled to rise before I made a makeshift proofing area for it. 

A view of the crust.           The crumb.

In the end it turned out really well.  I used a mix of oatmeal and seven grain cereal for the grains and just bought some millet, which I will try adding the next time around.  I almost found it on the verge of being dense or too chewy, but others have said that it was perfect and if anything could be slightly denser.  It's only been three days and my family is pretty much down to the heel, so I'm off to start another loaf this evening.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

..I also made a multi-grain bread today and it's gone, before I even tasted it.
Using cereal is a good idea...congrats. ;-)