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My starter is back to its old self! Love the oven spring I got on these. 




Makes 3 loaves


Add ins:

150 g dried cranberries

75 g crumbled feta

60 toasted sunflower seeds (I buy raw and toast them in a dry frying pan)


Main dough:

700 g Strong Bakers Unbleached Flour

200 g freshly milled Spelt flour 

100 g freshly milled Durum flour 

700 g filtered water 

20 g pink Himalayan salt

30 g yogurt

250 g levain (procedure in recipe) 

Extra wholegrain and unbleached flour to feed levain


The afternoon before:

  1. Take 2 g of refrigerated starter and feed it 4 g of filtered water and 4 g of any kind of wholegrain flour. Let sit at cool room temperature for about 8 hours. 


The night before:

  1. Mill the Spelt and Durum berries and place the required amount in a tub. 
  2. Add the unbleached flour to the tub. Cover and reserve. 
  3. Feed the levain 20 g of water and 20 g of wholegrain flour. Let that rise at cool room temperature overnight. 


Dough Making day:

  1. In the morning, feed the levain 100 g of filtered water and 100 g of unbleached flour. Let rise until doubled (about 5 hours). 
  2. Two hours before the levain is ready, put 700 g of filtered water in a stand mixer’s bowl and add the flours from the tub.  Mix on the lowest speed until all the flour has been hydrated. This takes a couple of minutes. Cover and autolyse for a couple of hours at room temperature (73F).
  3. After the autolyse, add the salt,  the cranberries, feta and toasted sunflower seeds, the yogurt, and the levain to the dough. Mix on the second speed for 9 minutes. 
  4. Remove dough from bowl and place in a lightly oiled covered tub. Let rest 30 minutes in a warm spot to begin bulk fermentation. My warm spot is the oven with the door cracked open and the lights on. I get an ambient temperature of around 82F. 
  5. Do 2 sets of coil folds at 30 minutes intervals and then 2 more sets of coils folds at 45 minute intervals. Then let the dough rise by 30%. Total bulk was about 3 and a half hours. 
  6. Tip the dough out on a bare counter, sprinkle the top with flour and divide into portions of ~770 g. Round out the portions into rounds with a dough scraper and let it rest 15 minutes on the counter. 
  7. Do a final shape by flipping the rounds over on a lightly floured counter. Gently stretch the dough out into a circle. Pull and fold the third of the dough closest to you over the middle. Pull the right side and fold over the middle and do the same to the left. Fold the top end to the center patting out any cavities or big bubbles. Finally stretch the two top corners and fold over each other in the middle. Roll the bottom of the dough away from you until the seam is underneath the dough. Cup your hands around the dough and pull towards you, doing this on all sides of the dough to round it off. Finally spin the dough to make as tight boule as you can.
  8. Sprinkle a mix of rice  and all purpose or baker’s flour in the bannetons. Place the dough seam side down in the bannetons. Cover with plastic bowl covers or shower caps. Let rest for a few minutes on the counter and then put to bed in a cold (38F) fridge overnight.


Baking Day

  1. The next morning, heat the oven to 475 F with the Dutch ovens inside for an hour.
  2. Turn out the dough seam side up onto a cornmeal sprinkled counter. Place rounds of parchment paper in the bottom of the pots, and carefully but quickly place the dough seam side up inside. 
  3. Cover the pots and bake the loaves at 450 F for 25 minutes, remove the lids, and bake for another 22 minutes at 425 F. Internal temperature should be 205 F or more.

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Here's my attempt at baking the "No-Fail Baguette" from the NY Bakers website. See the recipe HERE
I switched the recipe up just slightly. I mixed 400 grams of  NYBakers Craft Flour Type 550 (which is equivalent to French Type 55 flour) and 100 grams of Bobs Red Mill Organic Whole Wheat. Instead of fresh yeast, I substituted SAF red label instant yeast and I also added about 20 grams of bakers malt powder. As you can see, the results are stupendous and the bread is simply delicious! I'm starting to gain a lot more confidence as my skillset expands. Thanks so much to the Freshloaf community for all of the awesome inspiration!!

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Starter help

July 17, 2021 - 1:37pm -- roboboticus

I'm baking my way through Ken Forkish's book, Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast, and attempting to create a starter. I followed Forkish's starter instructions, but scaled everything down to 1/10th the amount since I want to maintain a small starter.

Today is day 10, I've been discarding and feeding each morning, and the starter has doubled every 24 hours for the last 3 days, but I suspect it's not really vigorous yet. It's not growing as fast as strong starters I hear people describe, and Forkish himself mentions a mature levain tripling or quadrupling in 24 hours.

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Thank you Mariana and Benito!

July 17, 2021 - 5:57am -- SunnyGail

Here are my first 2 bakes following Mariana and Benito's advice...After a few weeks of complete failures using a super high-end-but-impossible-to-work-with fresh milled flour, I realized thanks to Mariana that it would be best to put the aforementioned flour aside for a while and go back to a more ''user-friendly'' one...

So here I am, with 2 beautiful loaves: I am pretty happy with the oven spring, especially compared to the flat pancakes I invariably ended with up the past few weeks! The shaping could have been better, but overall, it's not too bad... 

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Is it normal for my sourdough starter reaching peak too fast?

July 17, 2021 - 2:40am -- hongboy


I am from Borneo (which located at tropical zone) and I have started a sourdough starter 20 days ago. The details: Water and high protein flour at 100% hydration, storing temperature range 28C~30C and feeding once at every 24hrs. 

Normally i do the feeding around 1pm. Since 7th day, the peak used to happen 5~6hrs after the feeding. But after 14th day, the starter rising to the peak around 3hrs. The attached picture shown my starter at around 4:30pm after the feeding at 1pm (surrounding temperature as 30C and starter temperature as 28.5C). 

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Reverse Engineering THE REAL NYC Bagel

July 16, 2021 - 1:00pm -- BagelHunter11

Hello Bakers,

I have an obsession with the bagels I grew up with in NY.  I have been trying to reproduce this ever since leaving NY. There have been plenty of attempts producing good bagels, however they are not NYC bagels. The recipes online that claim to be NYC bagels are also not NYC bagels. Again, they will produce good bagels, but not the NYC bagel shop style bagels. I am not convinced "its the water".

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Einkorn all purpose flour - where to buy in Europe

July 16, 2021 - 8:03am -- breaddaisy

Dear bakers, 

I have recently found einkorn flour for myself, since I have modern wheat intolerances, this has been such a great find. 
I live in Portugal and it is not easy to get einkorn here. I have been ordering it from Spain, but only whole grain one. 
And I cant seem to find the all purpose one for cakes and cookies. 
Can anyone in here guide me to where can I buy all purpose einkorn in near by me, like Spain, France, Italy, Austria etc. ??


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