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Floyd, I am making stew for some freinds on sunday and would like to make "bread bowls" to eat it out of. I would love to make sourdough, but I dont have a stater going yet and I also havent made it before, so I dont wanna screw up our meal for experimentation sake.

So you have a good recipe for a frech type bread that I can make that would suit the purpose?

Thanks :)


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I could swear I recently read a good article on doing that, but I'm not having any luck finding it.

Googling I found this recipe and another. I've never tried that, but I think I'd be inclined to go for something extremely simple like this recipe, if for no other reason that I'm cheap: if people aren't going to focus on the bread why waste a lot of time or money on it? Plain old water, flour, salt, and yeast ought to be enough, particularly if it is going to be soaked in a rich stew that would make just about anything taste good.

Let me know if it turns out well.

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I'm too late, I realize, but here's another one from fleischmann's: bread bowls. I used a cup of whole wheat flour when I made them and they were great.

How did yours turn out and what recipe did you use?

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Sorry this is late, but it may help next time.I made bowls , shaped the dough over bowls and baked them etc etc. I didn't like them one bit. But to make freeform round top rolls size of choice, bake said rolls, cool them,
when required, cut off top scoop out a fair bit of crumb paint inside with melted butter and crisp in a hot oven,
"lids" can be returned to the bread bowl bowl. qahtan