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posting pictures

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posting pictures

Hi, I just purchased a digital camera and was wondering if someone could walk me through on how to post pics on here? I think I figured out how to post a pic in the image gallery, but how do you post pics elsewhere? i.e. in blog entry's, forum topics such as this,
or adding a pic to an existing forum topic or blog entry? I am kinda computer illeterate, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.
Many thanks,

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The easiest way right now is to sign up for a free account on PhotoBucket and upload your images there. Photobucket will provide HTML you can copy and paste into your posts to include the image.

I realize the difficultly of posting images here is one of the shortcomings of the current site. When the new version of Drupal comes out, hopefully in the next month or so, I hope to do a fairly major upgrade. With that I hope to include easier image upload and hyperlinking tools.

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If you already have a yahoo account, Flickr might be an easier option as there is no signup. They allow 20 MB of pictures per month so it's a decent amount of space.