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*UPDATE: SOLD* Micro-bakery for sale!

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*UPDATE: SOLD* Micro-bakery for sale!

Micro-bakery for sale in Minneapolis, MN!


Please click the YouTube link below.

Following is what I am selling. Serious inquiries only, please.

- Rofco b40: $2,800

- Estella 60qt mixer: 1,500

- Freezer turned proofer: $600

- Freezer: $300

- Full speed rack + cover + sheet pans: $90

- Half speed rack + cover + sheet pans: $50

- Shelving: $50

- Various 12qt Cambros: $70

- Various large grain + flour containers: $40

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Hello! I am interested in purchasing your equipment. However, I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and need to determine if it would be feasible for me to pick up everything. Could you please tell me if you would consider shipping, and/or if you would consider selling portions of your equipment, such as just the oven or oven and mixer? Thank you!

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pleas pm me if the rofo is still available