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Parchment Paper vs Cookie Sheet

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Juan Wilmore

Parchment Paper vs Cookie Sheet

Hey bakers!

I recently faced a baking dilemma can you really bake cookies directly on parchment paper or should I stick to the traditional cookie sheet?

I've heard mixed opinions and I'd love to know your experiences and tips.

Share your cookie-baking wisdom. 

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I use parchment for all cookie baking.  Sheet pans don't get dirty at all.

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I use parchment every time and reuse it whenever possible. Makes cleanup a chinch.

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Make sure to get a variety that is rated for your baking temperature.  Some of them aren't good for even 400 deg F.

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Either parchment or silicone mat.

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The cleanest way is to line cookie sheets with flat precut baking sheets.

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I always use parchment paper. I hate cleaning baking sheets. :)

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Yes, baking on parchment is 100% effective and recommended.

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Make sure to use a good parchment paper - one that is rated over say 425 deg F.  Some are not. In a very hot oven you may see some scorching but not under the cookies because they keep the paper cooler.


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Mini Oven

all the time. I even reuse it and if not too crispy wash and hang it up to dry before reusing it.  If you're asking to use one or the other, use the cookie sheet to support the parchment in the oven and also when transporting an unbaked sheet of raw cookies.  One can place the parchment directly onto a rack but the cookies may not have good support and can deform as paper sags during baking.  A piece of metal screen can also support the paper.

 If you have only one baking sheet and setting up sheets in advance, spread several sheets on a table or counter top and use the one metal sheet to transport and bake each batch, one at a time.  unload parchment with cookies onto a rack and slide the next sheet onto the hot or cooled sheet and pop it into the oven.  Cool a sheet by running cold water over it if desired. ( A hot sheet takes a minute or two less than the timing of the first batch.)