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Old Dough

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KP Crumbworth

Old Dough

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I baked 2 loaves today (#'s 4-5) which were my best effoerts to date. I held back 7 oz of dough to use as my preferment tomorrow. Any suggestions on how to proceed from here? I was thinking of just using a standard recipe minus the poolish, but am now thinking the dough may be too dry. Any thoughts?

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I have been trying to find some reference to the theory of pate fermenete, but have had no luck. I usually just make the recipe as desired and then add the reserved dough (although I don't usually have as much as 7 oz). My theory is that since the held-back dough already has the salt in it, is it not the equivalent of a sourdough starter but more of a flavour enhancer. Might be wrong about that, but it has worked fine for me. The longer chain I have kept going is 5 weekly bakings though.