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Hurrican Ivan

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Hurrican Ivan

It's starting for Florida. We get our first hurricane soon. Best wishes and fingers crossed for those of us here (and in the storm's path). I think I'll bake some muffins before we lose power. Oh, and if you have a freezer, plastic tupperware makes good ice. I have several containers in my freezer filled almost all the way with water. We usually lose power here, but not water.

If you need water, clean out some empty containers and fill them with your tap. Or if you have 1gallon or larger containers Publix has those self filling stations just inside near the carts. It's much cheaper than buying bottled water. I think it fills 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers for the price of a small bottle of water.

Remember, block ice stays frozen longer than ice cubes! (and block ice takes longer to freeze).

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I'm following Ian closely. Stay safe.

A friend of mine freezes a couple gallon milk jugs of water ahead of time. If the power goes out, it helps keep the freezer cold and when needed, they put it into the refrig to keep it cold and they can drink it, also. 


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I'm on the southeast coast, not often we miss the brunt of it. Looks like a real monster of a storm. I do have bulk grains and hand mills just for this purpose. I believe I could survive for about a year without doing almost anything proactively but having to cook and filter water through my Berkey filter.

Might be time to finally make that earthen oven.

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Might be a bit wet to start work on an outdoor oven right now. We usually lose power, but not water here. I've already filled 4 pitchers of water just in case though. It's a pain to boil water just to brush your teeth. I was going to restart my sourdough starter this week, but I think I'll wait until after the hurricane (and other dangers pass). Lots of rain at the moment. We have a gas stove, so cooking won't be an issue, but that humidity on the other hand I'm not looking forward to that.