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Avoiding automatic photo rotation.

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Avoiding automatic photo rotation.

It looked to me like all my portrait orientation photos got rotated to landscape when I uploaded them to TFL via my hand-held device. (Someone mentioned this doesn't happen from a desktop/laptop.) So I solved it like this:

  • Set camera app to "Square" picture format.
  • Back away from the subject to allow extra, un-needed, background at top and/or bottom. 
  • Take the photo.
  • Edit the photo, rotate it if necessary (sometimes my ipod-touch camera does unwanted rotating), and crop out the extra background at top and/or bottom. This makes the photo become landscape mode, and therefore TFL won't rotate it.
  • Actually, it doesn't really matter whether you take the photo in portrait, landscape, or "square" mode -- the goal is that it be landscape after cropping.
  • This method also has the side benefit of keeping the photo's file size under 2 MB, because I'm cropping it.  Uncropped photos from my ipod-touch can easily go over TFL's 2 MB (approx) maximum.

Your camera/mileage may vary.