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10 captchas - Twice to log in ?

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10 captchas - Twice to log in ?

I'm been a member here for years and I've never had any problem logging in. This time I had to solve 10 captchas twice, yes 20 of those damn things.

What's up with that ?

Is the site suddenly having spam problems or something ?


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Had the same issue on my desktop PC, worked after clearing cache on my Chrome browser.  Tried my phone and had to do a second page.

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Nope, there have been no changes on the administrative side of the site. As far as I can tell spam level are normal, frequent but not overwhelming. 

 It is entirely possible that Google has turned up the sensitivity of recaptcha due to the current geopolitical situation. I think everyone who manages websites and servers has been preparing for more attacks recently.

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Thanks Floyd. Good to know you're not experiencing any problems. Though I'm not here often I do appreciate this community and the continuity that you've maintained here.

I visited one other site today that uses captchas and it only took a couple to get in. So who knows what algorithm determines the number.

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I've noticed it too. I use an ipod touch (essentially an iphone without the phone) to access the web.

It's not the web site. The thing is totally google.

The problem is the pictures are too small and you can't make out the fire hydrants in a larger scene.


Is that fuzzy picture a truck or a bus?

Are we suposed to click the square where the car is covering that portion of the crosswalk because you know it's still there?  Or should we not click it because the crosswalk is not visible?

What about the corners and edges of the traffic light _housing_?  Should we click those too? Do those parts count as part of the "light"? 

What about the _side_ of the staircase? Does that count as part of the "stairs"?

Are plumbing vents on a roof counted as "chimneys"?  I do not click them, but then get "please try again."

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Hey, user here as of yesterday, but I'm seeing the same thing - getting excessive prompting for Captchas.

At first, I thought it was just prompting me since I didn't have a long posting history.  But signed back on today and had to do a captcha to logon and then again to post.

Somewhat frustrating as the pictures are at times very hard to make out - even on a desktop PC.

Just wanted to let you know..

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The Roadside Pi...

Any savvy, long-time user should be able to bypass the test altogether. I have not done one in a coons age! 


 Anyone who direct messages me for the method I will immediately block as a spam risk! Smile...

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Hah. Proud of yourself are you ?

Such a useless reply. It contributes nothing.

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I very rarely have to login. 

It sounds like many of you login every time. I never logout. 

Maybe cookie settings are clearing your login? 

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I don't come here as often as I used to solely because I already have enough captchas in my life.  You'd think that after 15 years they'd cut you some slack...