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Something Wrong With TFL Formatting, Floyd

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Something Wrong With TFL Formatting, Floyd

Hi Floyd,

Just thought i'd let you know if you use any of the word formatting options, e.g. bold, italics, underline, speech marks etc, it screws up the rest of the comment and doesn't post properly. Half the message disappears. 

Not sure if you're aware of this. 

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Testing bold, testing underline, testing italics. Testing all three in one.

This is using the buttons in the editor here.

I can't control or support the output from Word.

My suggestion would be to edit and format the text here. If you write it in Word and paste it in here that is usually fine, but even then I'd suggest using Control-Shift-V (on Windows) or Command-Option-Shift-V (on Mac) to paste without formatting. 

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Testing All Three and Speech Marks


Now writing more text underneath to see if it disappears. 

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Seems to work ok now. 

The other day half the text under the formatted text kept on disappearing. As usual when something id reported the problem fixes itself. 

Thank you, Floyd. 

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That's Gremlins wreaking havoc.

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I'm not saying this will work in your situations, but it sometimes works for me...

In my experience and opinion, the anomaly is usually in the browser. It can also happen due to the device's operating system running out of memory, which is usually due to coding bugs in the browser or other applications in memory. It can also be due to data loss/corruption between the web site server and the browser.

Possible fixes or work-arounds:

- click "disable rich text" and then click "enable rich text". this "redraw" may fix the anomaly.

- if using a mobile device, rotate the device 90 degrees, type something, then rotate back. This "redraw" might work.

- minimize the window, or on a mobile device, bring up another app in order to put the browser in the background. Then bring up the browser again. Don't close the browser, as that will lose what's in the edit window.  This will also cause a "re-draw."

The above 3 things usually work for me.

Sometimes, i have to actually close/exit the browser, and re-launch it. Rarely, I have to re-boot the device. Both of these cause loss of what you typed. You can copy/paste the text and save it to a note/text file in a note/text editor (before re-booting of course), if there is still enough text visible in the edit box to make it worth saving.