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Post deletion?.

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Post deletion?.

Are posts ever deleted without notifying the author?

I posted a question about scones and had attached a pic of a recipe. I can't find it. I can only assume whoever moderates the forums deleted it. I know it uploaded because I had to reduce the pic size to make it work. 

I checked my email and didn't find any emails saying it was deleted.

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Have you taken a look at this? Maybe you can find your post there.

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Sometimes I hit preview instead of save.  Or I intentionally preview the post, get distracted [Squirrel!] and forget to save.

Not saying that definitely happened to you, but what you describe could be caused by that.


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Floyd did a purge on some inactive and/or defunct users.  I see that you were active a long time ago, and then had a significant gap in activity.  Although what seems like "most" of what you had is still listed in the tracking section, perhaps some of it was swept up in the purge.  

A question best directed to Floyd. 

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Posts are deleted without notifying the author when they are obvious off topic spam, but I don't recall ever deleting a  scone post.