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Hamelman's brioche

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Hamelman's brioche


I got a stand mixer recently and the first thing I wanted to try was brioche. There are very detailed instructions in the book, but what's better, he's actually made a video on mixing it (I liked the series a lot and I wish they'd make more episodes):


Mixing that does take quite long in a Kitchenaid and I wasn't able to get to full window pane and I noticed later they mix it pretty much to full gluten development before adding butter, which probably shortens the procedure a bit. The dough did come together after a few folds though. After that it was easy. The cold dough wasn't sticky (or greasy) at all:

The weird thing about it was that it felt really strong considering the amount of butter and eggs that went in it. It could have proofed longer, but I was afraid it would collapse later if taken too far:

The instructions for the grande tête said 28 min @ 380 F. This looked ready after 22 min @ 200 C / 392 F:

Looks wrong on the outside, because the proportions are weird, but these are the only cardboard loaf pans I can get. Looks ok on the inside, I think:

I don't know what real brioche is supposed to taste like, but I think I'd like it a tiny bit sweeter. At 12 % sugar it's not very sweet. On the other hand, this way it probably works better in savory applications.   

The next step would be to try the laminated version.





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Love that incredible crust colour. 

they mix it pretty much to full gluten development before adding butter,

Aha! Making a milk bread I waited a couple minutes of mixing in the KA before integrating butter. I was curious about waiting much longer and here's your comment about it.

If you have leftover brioche, consider making a bostock with it :)

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But I'm not sure there would have been leftovers even if I hadn't. :-)

There's another King Arthur video about brioche, where Martin Philip demonstrates their mixing process. 

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They look amazing, the colour just draws you in.  Very nicely done especially for your first time using your mixer.


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I merely turned it on. :)

Although apparently it's possible to make it by hand:

It would probably be very educational to actually try that and compare the results.


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Looks so neat and delicious, shouldn't read this site when hungry! Interesting reading about the gluten and butter too.

Wondering why you need a cardboard pan?


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I have 4 sqare loaf pans I use for rye breads and 3 very nice USA Pans Pullman pans in addition to all the other stuff.

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Jeffrey Hamelman's 'Isolation Baking Shows' on the King Arthur Flour site are a great education in bread making.

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Love the book and I absolutely loved the show.