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50% whole wheat, 50% whole spelt

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50% whole wheat, 50% whole spelt

Found a piece of paper with the formula for whole spelt bread in the kitchen. 100% whole spelt, 86% hydration, 15% pre-fermented flour. It's been super hot here lately, so I pretty much haven't baked anything in over a month. I can't even remember what whole spelt dough is supposed to feel like any more. Perfect opportunity to try something entirely new!

  • 50% whole wheat flour, 50% whole spelt flour
  • 15% pre-fermented flour (stiff starter), 86% hydration
  • 0.5h autolyse
  • mixed in starter
  • 2.5h bulk fermentation, folding every 0.5h. The dough was very slack and sticky the whole time
  • divided and pre-shaped quite tightly in an attempt to gain some structure. The dough tore immediately.
  • ~20 min rest
  • added a whole lot more flour to the bench to combat the stickiness
  • shaped and proofed at ambient temp (30 C in the kitchen at the moment) just under an hour
  • baked 20 min with steam, 40 min without @ 220 C

Not much oven spring. Both loaves look very sad.


It's not overproofed, it never had any structure to begin with.

The taste is ... well, it turns out there's absolutely no salt in this bread. That could explain the stickiness. Well, I have some pesto in the fridge, that should cover it up somewhat, but I really wish I had Marmite right now.

I guess the decision to make for the follow-up attempt is whether to reduce the hydration or simply try adding salt to the dough first.


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The crumb looks quite open and impressive for a 100% whole grain bread.  Adding salt will strengthen the dough as well so it would be interesting for you to bake this again with the salt in it.


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The picture is misleading. It's a tiny loaf. :D

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I did fold the dough right before dividing, which added some structure. Baked at the peak of the rise, which was a bit early.

Not particularly airy, but still quite acceptable, I think.

I still don't remember what whole spelt or whole wheat taste like, but this tastes almost sweet. Neat. Not sure I'd prefer that over whole rye though.

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Proofed until the dough started to relax.

The crumb doesn't look much better.

It's probably better to bake whole grain loaves at the peak of the rise when proofing, they seem to be taller that way.