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Youth Program Looking for Ankarsrum, Electrolux, Magic Mill Mixer

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Catori Tala

Youth Program Looking for Ankarsrum, Electrolux, Magic Mill Mixer

Hello to All,I run a volunteer after-school and summer program for city youth teaching them how to cook and the importance of good nutrition. I am looking for a solid machine like the Ankarsrum/Electrolux Assistent/Magic Mill that will stand up to repetitive handling.  Unfortunately (and not surprisingly?), my budget is $300 (depending on attachments).  That is my whole budget, so it would need to include any shipping costs.  I can pick up in Boston, MA area.I know this is lower than what many might ask for one of these machines, but I am hoping someone who doesn't use theirs much might want to help support a program like this.Thanks very much to anyone who might have/know of a machine or be able to give suggestions on where I might locate one.Sincerely,

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A friend has this and loves it,  $250 incl shipping:

It can make a pretty big batch of dough:



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Ilya Flyamer

Just a thought: you might want to try to reach out to these companies directly and ask if they might wish to contribute a mixer as a donation to a charitable cause. Might not work out, but also asking doesn't hurt anyone.

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Catori, keep looking, maybe you will find someone who wants to donate or sell it cheap here or in your local LetGo and Craigslist.

In case you fail to find someone in time, look into Nutrimill. It's Bosch Universal, but for only $200 (free delivery) with the same durability and the bowl capacity as Ankarsrum - up to 10lbs of dough. Very dependable -  stainless steel drive and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


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Instead of a mixer, have them mix the dough themselves. That will at least give them respect for the professional bakers. You could label their bowl covers with their names. You could even have teams of two so they can take turns kneading. A professional mixer isn't going to teach them how to bake at home.