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Slap and fold gone wrong ?.

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Slap and fold gone wrong ?.



 recently changed my technique from stretch and fold to slap and fold to make French baguettes (according to the preferred method of recipe) - How do you know when you have worked the dough well enough (@ x 3  times @ 30 mins intervals) to achieve an open glossy crumb as an end result. This is the worst effort so far on my sourdough journey - although I realise this is a difficult bread to do well.  Does stretch and fold technique suit this loaf type?




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What is your formula/recipe? 

Slap-fold needs a certain amount of hydration - not too much, and not too little.  I use 65%-70% for mainly AP white flour dough.  70% for white and whole wheat, 65%-67% for white and rye.   More than 70% hydration and the dough starts getting sticky and hard to handle.  75% and hydration and higher is the regime for stretch-fold in my view. 

It's a feel thing.  Slap-fold until the dough no longer sticks to your hands, it will eventually happen.  Then keep slap-folding until the dough is extensible. 

Glossy crumb has to do with protein content in the flour.  What flour (brand and grade) are you using?  What country are you in?  Flour types and grades are very different across different countries. 

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As I recall, the French slap and fold about 100 times. Sounds like you've got a long way to go. Enjoy!