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Can I not delete my own post?

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Cody Bradford

Can I not delete my own post?

I started a post, then had a call from a friend and decided to wait before I posted a question here. But now I'm left with a blank post - that automatically publishes when I save it. 

Is there really no way for the author of a post to delete it?

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The Roadside Pi...

You are under the control of big brother. welcome to 1984! Once out, it becomes an indelible part of your profile. (No second chances) Beware of drunk posting! Smile...


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Cody, most people just delete all text from the post including the subject line and type “Delete” in the body. Then save it. 

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First, there is a difference between a "post" and a "comment".

A "post" is also described as the _original post_ of a thread, sometimes abbreviated O.P.

By clicking "new post" at the top of the main page, you see three options: blog entry, forum topic, and recipe.

A "post" can be deleted if it is a _blog entry_ (or blog post), but not a _forum topic_.  This, what we're commenting on here, is a "forum topic."

The others are right about not being able to delete comments and forum topics .  

So if  you want to withdraw/delete a _comment_ or a _forum topic_,  Roadside Pie King and DanAyo are correct, ...

_edit_ the comment/forum topic, and just delete the text, either highlight/cut or use the backspace key. And put in the word "deleted" to let people know it was intentially deleted.  Then click "save."

For a _blog entry_,  you can go into edit mode by clicking the "Edit" tab at the top, then scroll down, and you'll see a "delete" button under the edit box next to the "save" and "preview" buttons. That button will truely delete the blog post and all associated  comments. 


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Cody Bradford

Got it. Thanks for the info ?