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My hybrid Rye dough

My hybrid Rye dough

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Since the current community bake is about different versions of rye dough, I would like to share my own.
It is a hybrid made with both sourdough and poolish and has a very nice taste. It is also easy to handle, as far as this is possible with rye…

Evening – prepare sourdough and polish and store at room temperature
•    Sourdough – 50 gr Whole wheat flour, 50 gr rye flour, 100 gr water, 10 gr mother starter
•    Poolish – 100 gr rye flour, 100 gr water, 1/8 Tsp instant yeast

Morning – final dough. Due to the large amount of preferments, fermentation goes fast. I recommend monitoring the dough to avoid over fermentation. If proof is too long, the dough’s surface might start to fracture.
•    Combine with 250 gr A/P flour, 140 gr water and 9 gr salt
•    bulk several hours, proof 1 to 2 hours (division between bulk and proof time depends on the baking method - free form or in a baking pan, due to the need to preserve a free form shape. The numbers here are therefore just a rough guideline)


Prep time
Cooking time40 minutes
Total time40 minutes