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Upcoming Paid Research Study for Bakers $150.00 PayPal Payment

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Stephanie P

Upcoming Paid Research Study for Bakers $150.00 PayPal Payment

Good Afternoon,


I hope this finds you well! I have a project on my desk that you might be a good fit for!


We are currently looking for Independent Bakers as well as Bakers who work in small independent bakeries to participate in a Nationwide 7 Day Online Study, on the topic of Baking. This project is going to pay you $150.00 PayPal for your time and participation at the completion of the study.  If you are interested in participating, please fill out our pre-screening survey by clicking the link below. 


If it seems you are a good candidate, I will contact you to continue the screening process and review anymore details pertaining to this project.


Survey Link:



If you know someone who may be interested, feel free to forward the link.

Thank you & have a great day!




Best Regards,



Insights Coordinator


Recruit and Field Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm EST








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Mini Oven

Tried to fill in address in application form but only state choises are listed, not countries.  Or am 

I mistaken?  If we volunteer, can we still participate?  I anticipate a rising interest in viewers playing along or is this a scam?