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B40 Rofco Bread/Pizza Oven $1500 Olympia, WA USA

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B40 Rofco Bread/Pizza Oven $1500 Olympia, WA USA

See here for all specs:

Bought this to start a small bread baking business but it never worked out. Used it 4 or 5 times. Almost new condition and $1500 cheaper. Conveniently utilizes vertical instead of horizontal space with three baking shelves.

Comes with everything that you get when buying new, including:
3 silicone sheets:
3 blue steel sheets:
1 ply peel
NEMA 6-20 to NEMA 10-30 plug adapter.

Additionally it comes with a infrared laser thermometer that I bought to get exact readings.

The oven uses a NEMA 6-20 220v plug. I provide a NEMA 6-20 to NEMA 10-30 (dryer plug) adapter The oven can easily be wired to any 220v circuit.  See craigslist ad for more pictures. The spindle in the right steam vent came unseated. Still does its job.

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I've been looking at that exact model oven for similar reasons as yours.. small bakery business.  

I wonder how much shipping would be to NC?

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I looked into shipping it a couple of years ago. I suspect around $500+ given its weight.

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Hi - is this still available? I am very interested and am in the general Olympia area (Tumwater). Please let me know! 

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I am also very interested in the oven.  Please let me know.  Thanks!