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Ankarsrum mixers @ excellent price

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Ankarsrum mixers @ excellent price

I called Ashley McCord @ Bread Beckers. They are the US distributors for Ankarsrum. I purchased my Ank as a demo from her. I called to make sure she wanted to have this info posted to the public. She gave me permission.

Here is a great deal on Ankarsrum mixers. Most of theses units come with warranties and are like new with little or no sign of use. Check out this link.

You’ll be hard pressed to beat theses deals anywhere. The only difference between the 6620 and the 6630 (latest model) is the metal knobs and the warranty is 7 years instead of 5 years. These machines are beast. They both have the same motors, just one has a longer warranty. If you want, give Ashley a call @ .   She is a doll.


- disclaimer - Other than being a customer, I have nothing to do with Bread Beckers, BLI, or Ankarsrum Original USA. I am an avid user of this machine and thought others might like to get in on a fantastic buy. Just passing on the info...

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Thank you so much for this info about reduced price Ankarsrum mixers.  I really don’t have a burning need for one but I want it!   It is just me so I couldn’t make it pay like if one was, for example, baking bread for a family.   

I knew there had to be a way of getting a deal - not even sure how I ran across your post here.  I have been searching the net every few days for weeks since I found out about “Anks”!   If you want to see something hilarious watch “cooking with Amy”.  Or is it learning to cook with Amy?   She demos the Ank and her other YouTube’s are funny and informative.