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10L Spiral Mixer (Oakville,Ontario,Canada)

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10L Spiral Mixer (Oakville,Ontario,Canada)

Good morning everyone,

I am selling my spiral mixer.  It is is in very good condition; used at home.  Asking price $900.  This version has the upgraded .6kw motor vs the standard .4kw. Pick up only as it is extremely heavy.  The linked video is 1kg of flour a @ 98% hydration


The specifications are as follows:

Bowl (L) 10     
Voltage (V/Hz) 110V/60Hz   
Power (KW) 0.6    
Bowl rotation r/min 18     
Hook speed r/min145     
(dry flour) 
Specification (cm) 77.5X38X76     
Weight.(Kg) 70     
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 What would be your reason for letting go of such a wonderful machine, may I ask?

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Sure, I bought the smaller version (5L) as most of my batches are quite small.

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 Hi, very hard to find such machine in Canada. It is still available? Can we have a email address for contact?

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Hi There,

Yes it is still available. My email address is

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Hey Do you still have the spiral mixer? 

If you don't which 5kg did you bought ? I'm looking for a smaller too and I'm from Canada/Oshawa.


Adriano Bertoni