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Hobart N50 and/or KitchenAid Model G Pastry Knife

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Hobart N50 and/or KitchenAid Model G Pastry Knife

Hello Fresh Loaf,

I just found your site and forum and am very excited to sharpen by bread making skills.  I purchased a used Hobart N50 for my father for Christmas because I have one and he loves to use it for making bread, cookies , cakes, etc. However, he loves to make homemade pie crust and other flaky treats and I want to buy him the "P" pastry knife agitator for his N50 and make it part of the gift.  However, I understand that Hobart discontinued this agitator several years ago.  I have been looking on eBay but haven't found one for sale.  I also understand that the KichenAid model "G" pastry knife will work on a Hobart N50.  Does anybody have a Hobart N50 or KitchenAid Model "G" pastry knife that they want to sell?  Or does anybody know where I can buy one (new old stock or used)?

Please contact me on this forum or directly at my email

Thanks much and I look forward to sharing and learning with this baking forum.