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Apple Turnovers Recipe_Puff Pastry_How to Make Apple Pie

Apple Turnovers Recipe_Puff Pastry_How to Make Apple Pie

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homemade apple turnover!


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애플턴오버 만들기_애플파이 사과파이_퍼프 페이스트리 만들기_무반죽빵 응용_쉬운 손반죽법_홈베이킹

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Bread Making
Home baking

Puff Pastry
how to make apple turnover
how to make apple pie
how to make puff pastry
Easy Recipe, no knead dough method application

how to make apple filling
750g apple
 40g Lemon juice
130g Sugar (60g + 70g)
 50g butter
 15g cinnamon powder
  4g cinnamon stick(cinnamon tree)
  2g ginger
1. Cut apples into 5mm square shape.
2. Mix apple with sugar(60g) and lemon juice.
3. Dissolve the butter in the pan and fry the apples.
4. Separate apple and juice from the sieve.
5. Put juice in the pan and add 70g of sugar, cinnamon powder, cinnamon stick, ginger and boil.
6. Mix the apples and preprocessed juice in the bowl.
7. Cover with vinyl and mature for 12 hours in the refrigerator.


(B's (%) = Baker's Percentage = Bakers Percent)
(Tr (g) = actual input amount = Truth Input)
Total Dough Formula

Main dough
B's (%): 100.0%, Tr (g): 200g all purpose flour
B's (%): 10.0%, Tr (g): 20g Butter
B's (%): 2.0%, Tr (g): 4g Salt
B's (%): 42.0%, Tr (g): 84g Water (35℃)
B's (%): 2.0%, Tr (g): 4g Lemon juice
roll in butter(pastry butter)
B's (%): 50.0%, Tr (g): 100g roll in butter(pastry butter)
(32% of the amount of Dough)


The kneading process
1. Put water and lemon juice in the bowl.
2. Add salt and dissolve.
3. Gently melt the butter and mix it in the bowl.
4. After putting the flour
   Mix evenly until the flour is invisible.
5. Fold the dough several times with your hand and make it round.
6. Cover the vinyl and rest in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
7. After 20 minutes of rest, wrap the dough in plastic vinyl.
   Push in a square shape with a push rod.(Size: 18cm*18cm)
8. Cover the vinyl and rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours
9. After completion of the 12 hours refrigerated rest,
   After wrapping the pastry butter with vinyl that was stored in the refrigerator
   Push in a square shape with a push rod.(Size: 11cm*11cm)
10.Place the butter on the dough at a 45-degree angle.
11.After pushing the square part of the dough slightly by pushing it,
   Fold the dough slightly while pulling it.
   Press the overlap part of the dough.
   I wrap the butter completely to prevent leakage.
12.Push the dough with a push rod.
13.3 Folding 1 time
14.Push the dough again.
15.3 Folding 1 time
16.After wrapping the dough in plastic vinyl, rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
17.Push the dough again.
18.3 Folding 1 time
19.Push the dough again.
20.4 Folding 1 time
21.Push the dough flat with a push rod.
22.After wrapping the dough in plastic vinyl, rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
23.Push the dough again.
   (Push it until the dough thickness becomes 5mm.)
24.After wrapping the dough in plastic vinyl, rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
25.Cut to a circle with a diameter of 12cm.
26.Put 50g of apple filling on dough.
27.Apply the eggs on the dough edge.
28 Apply egg yolk on the surface and Cut the surface with a knife.
29.Preheat oven and lodge 10 inch combo cooker preheat
   My mini oven temperature is raised as high as possible,
   (The maximum temperature of my mini oven:250℃)
   (Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker, Pre Seasoned, 3.2-Quart)
30.Put the dough in the preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker floor
31.Cover the preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker lid.
32.Put in the oven
33.After baking for 25 minutes, remove the lodge lid and continue baking for about 5 minutes
   (Turn off the bottom heat line of the oven in the middle because the bottom can burn.)
34.Remove the bread from the oven and cool
35.Tasting after completion of bread

Test results
1. It is possible to make puff pastry easily at home by applying No knead method (no machine is required)
   You do not need to use a lot of force for dough.
2. It is advisable to use a lodge combo cooker for small sized home ovens.

* Note: Always be careful when using the oven
(It is very hot, so use it after wearing very thick oven gloves)


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Lechem (not verified)

This recipe is way beyond my elementary skill level. That looks just perfect in every way.

Going to check out your video now.

Pleasure as always to see your baking. Keep them coming.

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Thank you~!

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Absolutely beautiful and I am sure they are super delicious! Loved seeing this post!

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Thank you~!

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Well done

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Thank you!