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65% Rye

65% Rye

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65% Rye Bread.  King Arthur recipe


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SourceKing Arthur flour
Prep time
Cooking time
Total time


350 g
Whole Rye flour (Build)
300 g
water (Build)
28 g
Rye Starter (Sour dough build)
350 g
Bread Flour (Final dough)
300 g
Medium rye flour (Final dough)
440 g
water (Final dough)
18 g
salt (Final dough)


1mix build 12-16 hrs prior to final mix

2 final doughmix everything in stand mixer with paddle

3 min2-3 min on slow. Rest 15 min mix again on low for another2-3 min

3bulk ferment for 30 min

4divide into 2 loaves 870 grams

shape and proof for 60-90 min

bake in well preheated oven 500* with lots of steam for 10 min. Reduce heat to375 and bake for 30-35 min