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So sorry to bump up a bunch of old posts!

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So sorry to bump up a bunch of old posts!

I had no idea that redirecting the picture links would do that!

What happened is that my ISP gave me notice that they were shutting down theit members web spaces and photo sharing. When I first joined TFL, I hosted some of my pictures on their photo sharing space until I figured out to use Facebook and link to my pictures there. 

So what I was doing tonight was going through the pictures on photo share, posting them into a Facebook folder, throwing them into google image search and findind my old posts to relink the pictures to where they are now on Facebook. Call me anal but I hate seeing posts where the pictures are missing. I didn't have a lot to do so it wasn't too bad. But then again, I didn't realize that these old posts would be bumped up until someone asked me a question on one of them. 

I am so sorry. :-(

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but must admit I couldn't figure out how the comments were dated March 2016 but the photos Dec 2016.... lol   I need to get my act together and have a try at making baguettes