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My Mill Rite (Retsel)

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My Mill Rite (Retsel)



I was given a used Mill Rite, and I'm not sure how old it is or what model it is. 

I wanted to buy some parts for it, but I can not find this model.  

The product on the Retsel website is 1/4HP and 40 RPM, and the one I have is a 1/2 HP and 90 RPM. 
From the pictures online they look the same..  

Any Retsel expert around who could help me shed light on this?





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You have a Mil-Master, not a Mil-Rite.

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 I think it is a mil rite.  In  pictures online, the mil master looks different than what I have.. 

here is a Mil Mater according to the Retsel site. 


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Call the manufacturer.

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I fired up the mill today, for the first time.  

The sticker on the motor says 90 RPM, but it seemed a bit slower than that. When I counted the revs I discovered that it is only 40 RPM. So I have to assume that the motor is a 1/4 HP and the sticker is the wrong one for this model..  :) 

Short Video of the Mill at work



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Thanks for the video,  I don't think I had ever seen one in operation.  It seems like it is much quieter than most mills.