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Search Improvement and Blog Template Fix

I made two fixes that people have been asking for this morning.

The first is that search used to only work if you entered a term that was 5 characters long or greater. That meant that searches for things like "Pita Bread" dropped the word "pita" and only searched on "bread," resulting in far too many matches.

I've dropped the search word length down to 3 characters, which should improve the quality of search results.

The second had to do with word wrapping in the blog section. Referring URLs are listed automatically, but because some of the URLs were extremely long it was blowing out the side of the template, resulting in text that you had to scroll sideways to read. Yuck.

I fixed it so that now the URL you see is truncated at 120 characters. You can still click on the link to see the full, long URL.

Search Improvement and Blog Template Fix