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GrainMaker 116 Mill w/ Motor, Flywheel/Crank, Lifetime Warranty, Pristine Condition

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GrainMaker 116 Mill w/ Motor, Flywheel/Crank, Lifetime Warranty, Pristine Condition

My wife and I are organizing for a "retirement move" to a place where we just won't have room for our mill.  We'll be very sad to give it up, but that's life.

The mill is a GrainMaker 116, complete with custom 1/3 HP motor and flywheel/crank assembly.  It is in pristine condition, having been very gently used and lovingly cared for.  That includes all parts, the motor, the beautiful red finish and the burrs.  See photos at the auction listing, linked below.

The price is $1,400, 70% of the retail price.  However, I'm also listing the mill in an eBay auction, so you might be able to get it for a bit less, although I won't let it go for a song.

Here's the description of this mill at the GrainMaker website:

GrainMaker® Grain Mill Model No.116

If you aren't familiar with GrainMaker, be sure to look around the website; you'll quickly see that they are great folks who make superior products right here in the U.S.

We've had it for about two and a half years (I'm sure Bonnie, at GrainMaker has the exact date on file) and used it, on average, to mill 4-5 cups of flour every week.  Occasionally I would use the mill twice in a week, sometimes it would sit for several weeks without milling anything, and now and then I would use it to make cornmeal.

I don't think it is any exaggeration to say that this is as fine a mill for family or small community use as can be found anywhere in the world.

I have checked with GrainMaker and verified that their Lifetime Heirloom Guarantee will transfer to the new owner and they will honor it. The guarantee includes all parts, including the burrs -- everything but the motor (which just hums along) and the paint (which is still beautiful) Just get in touch with them so they can change the contact info in their registration database. You'll enjoy dealing with them: they are just really fine people.

I'm listing this for pickup only, because I wouldn't be able to do  an adequate job of packing and shipping it by myself.  However, if a buyer really wants it shipped, I'd be glad to deliver it to my local shipping expert and let the buyer make his/her own arrangements for packing and shipping.  It probably won't be cheap: the mill, motor and flywheel/crank, together weigh about 75 pounds and will require careful and professional packaging (I do have the original shipping base that GrainMaker mounts the mills on before packing).

Thanks for your interest.