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For free-GF ingredients-local Milwaukee pickup

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For free-GF ingredients-local Milwaukee pickup

I am moving and need to lighten my load. With everything else going on, I am not willing to pack-and-ship so  local pickup only,please. I live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

I have a variety of GF ingredients for someone who wants them for free. I had a coworker that was diagnosed celiac and I helped her develop some recipes. Since I was starting from scratch and I was experimenting, I bought a lot of different ingredients. I have a variety of GF flours (mostly single ingredient) like rice flour, tapioca,potato, some whole grains and quinoa flakes, sorghum, millet, xanthan gum,etc,etc.

Please note that I do not have a GF kitchen but that when I undertook this project, I bought a completely new set of measuring cups, spoons and tools dedicated to being GF. I even had a new mixer that was dedicated GF for this project.My point being that there should have been no obvious contamination from utensils.

If you are interested, please leave a message here on TFL or email me at clazar123 at yahoodotcom.

I live in Menomonee Falls,WI, closer to Milwaukee's NW side.

These are some of the items: