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RTE (Ride to eat)

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RTE (Ride to eat)

I am a passionate motorcycle rider and also enjoy BBQ so last Sunday we combined the two and had a RTE for the folks we ride with.  My wife and I made two briskets, 12 racks of ribs and a peameal bacon and most of it was consumed by the 50+ people that came.  It was a great event for us when we planned it we thought we would get 15 to 25 people but shortly after posting the event we realized that we better plan for twice that number.  Our biggest fear was that we would run out of food but it seems that we guessed just about right as there was just a little of everything left.  I did bake two sourdough breads but they where for breakfast for us and our helpers.  Two of our friends baked cobbler in dutch ovens on charcoal which was also a resounding success.


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ribs,cobbler and motorcycles to get people to show up for a ride!  Well done and

Keep the shiny side up!