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I haven't been around as much lately, lots of fun busy-ness like gardening and outdoor activities. But I've have lurked a bit at all the lovely baking on the fresh loaf!

We haven't used the mud oven as much this spring (funny we used it more over the winter) but had a good excuse to fire it up today. We discovered a good system of teamwork--DH managed the fire, and I stuck to the breadmaking. Not that I don't like playing with fire, but trying to do both was a stretch of my multitasking skills. It was a long day of baking but pretty relaxing overall.


Today's breads--an "order" for brat and hamburger buns (honey wheat), ABAA's Columbia Sourdough, Semolina, and french:


Attempt at an artsy crust shot (I was happy with the "ears" on this loaf):


I picked up the new edition of Kiko Denzer's book, and tried out a few new techniques on building a more efficient fire. We burned a less wood for a little less time, and I think we were just a bit cooler than ideal. Our top heat was about 575, and quickly cooled down to 450 or so. Plenty of heat for baking all these breads--about 4 consecutive bakes with some overlap, but I didn't get quite the crust color as usual and the french didn't have a huge oven spring from the hot hearth as usual. Also, the last batch of buns took 30 minutes to bake, which is a lot longer than usual. Right now the oven's at about 300 and I have a tiny chicken roasting and a batch of brownies. It's a little cool, but I figure it's like a big crockpot, they'll probably get done eventually!


Still learning, obviously, but still having fun too!








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crumb bum

Hey Bread Nerd

First of all, just between you and all the other members, anyone and I mean anyone who has a mud oven and bakes all that bread and chickens and brownies is way too cool to be a nerd.  I would like to start a petition that would require you to change your name to "Bread Fonz".  I am so jealous.  I have been trying to talk the wife into a small  mud oven with little success so far.  Anyway, great bread.

Da Crumb Bum

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OK, Crumb Bum,

I see it your way again, as with the scale. What could be more cool than making all this nice bread, so many varieties, too, and then a chicken in your own mud oven?


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Ha ha "bread fonz"!  Np really, I like being a bread nerd.  I've embraced my geekdom :)



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That semolina is just too cool!  Geekdom is pretty "in" on this forum, anyway. :D

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You made some really good bread, after all that mowing i was to beat to make anything.

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Oh, how I would love to have a mud oven! But even more.. how I would love to know how to make beautiful bread like that in a mud oven. Great job!                  weavershouse

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Once again you are doing it right in the backyard bakery. You are my hero! Class work all the way!