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A Blind Squirrel's Recipe For Bialys.

A Blind Squirrel's Recipe For Bialys.

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The classic onion bialy from my youth chewy and thick crusted. Two weeks and 9 batches with varied degrees of success . I was so happy with the last batch I ate two of them plain.


Prep time1 hour, 30 minutes
Cooking time12 minutes
Total time1 hour, 42 minutes


630 g
Bread Flour (My bread machine's max)
372 g
Warm Water (59% Hydration)
1 t
active dry yeast
1 t
sea salt
170 g
chopped onion
1 T
poppy seeds


Flour,water,yeast and salt bread machine basic dough cycle 7 min.

 Shut off bread machine at 7 min.remove dough ball ,put in a Pam sprayed and covered bowl to rise until it doubles in size , in my case 1 hr 15min. (go by size not time).                                              This made 10 bialys.                          

Topping-1 small onion about 170 grams.chopped fine ,put in med. frying pan with olive oil on low heat after a few min. put in poppy seeds saute  until  onions turn clear, remove and put in a  bowl.

The dough was 1000 grams = 10 100 gram bialys

After dough doubles in size remove and fold a few times.   I started to break off pieces to put on scale and made 100 gram balls. I then made what looked like 10 little pizzas 5"  diameter with a rim around it and a 1" very thin middle.I scooped a Tbs onion/poppy mixture and pressed the back of the tablespoon into each one turn the spoon dropping it's contents into the indentation . I put them on parchment paper and used my peel to put them in the oven 12 min @450 deg.on a pizza stone middle rack.Removed from oven to bakers cooling rack. The most important thing is to eat one while it's still warm out of the oven.                 Good Luck                      Dan



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fine bialys - one of the greatest breads of all time - but hard to get just right.

Happy Thanksgiving