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Forum notification settings???

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Forum notification settings???

Hello Floyd,  where/how do I set it so I only get notified on threads I'm subscribing to?  I'm currently getting notified for all posts!!!


Thank You,



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Hi Barrie,

Go to My Account > Notification Settings tab > set "Notify Status" to disabled. 

There are some other "disabled" switches you can enable on that page if the above doesn't work. 


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Thank you cranbo, I'll try saving those settings again.  :-)



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Help, I have the same question as Barrie.  I checked out what cranbo advised but didn't see a Notification Setting.  On my Account screen I see the headings:  View, Bookmarks, Edit, My follow links, Track and File browser.  At the bottom right are two bookmarks I made.  I'm not seeing any switches. 

I've wondered why I'm not receiving any notifications from Fresh Loaf.  Have I disconnected myself in some way?


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Hi :)

I seem to have lost the Notification Tab. Earlier i used to receive emails from TFL which has stopped on its own. The only thing i did was updated my email Id. I have been keeping my eyes open incase any emails went into the spam folder - but nothing there.

How do I get the settings so i start receiving the emails again ? There is no Notification Tab which i can see in my accounts section.

It shows - View, Bookmark, Edit, My follow links, Track, File browser - all in the same order sequence. Under edit - The only notification tabs i see are to follow comments n posts on my content.

What am I missing ?