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How does the Blog Work.

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How does the Blog Work.

I hope that this question is okay here as I can't seem to find the answer. But, how does the blog work on this site. Is it a place were you create a blog and can keep updating it. I'm thinking that it may be nice to have a place where I can upload all my experiences in ONE place for other to read. Is that something that I can do in the blog section. Or perhaps it is more like a single forum posting.

Is there a link here that says how the blog work and what can and can't be done.

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Hi Jezella,

When I first started my blog, that is exactly the view I took about why Floyd set up the site like this.

If you open up "My Account" from  the left hand menu, once you have signed in there are a host of useful things you can do in the page that opens up.   It is worthwhile spending some time on this.   It's a page about you that others can see to get a snapshot of your own baking interests.

Go to the bottom of the page and find an option "view recent blog entries".   Click on this and it will open up to tell you that you haven't created any.   However, there should be an option for you to "post a new blog entry"   Open that up and you have a typing box in front of you to work on.   You can paste word docs directly into this.   For photos and videos you need a host page [I use flickr and youtube].   You can paste the url page of the photo into the html text of your entry.   I suggest you look up more on posting photos here:   Whilst you are there, have a good look through the "faq" section for other tips, of course.

Best wishes


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Yup, thanks Andy.  

Yeah, just create a blog post whenever you bake something, then you (or others) will be able to go to:

and see all of your bakes.

The only other difference is that comments/discussions on blog entries don't show up on the home page.  They aren't private since other folks can still see them, just more discrete.  I think of the difference as a forum post being like walking up to a crowded table and asking a question, whereas creating a blog post is setting some of your baking up on another table and inviting other folks to come over and take a look or give feedback.



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Floyd, following my entry below, I just popped over to you blog pages and perhaps now know how this works. Trouble is, I don't want to mess up the system and find I can't delete.

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Two good answers so far where your help here is appreciated.

I don't want to go screwing around here and lower the high quality of this site. This is why I asked the question in all honesty. I have seen the blog page that I can create, but as mentioned, I don't want to lower this quality site through stupid mistakes that I can't remove.

Now, in the case of , if today I discovered how to make a starter for example, could I post that there , Here is my starter. And suppose tomorrow I discovered how to make a sourdough bread from my starter, would it still be in . So, in some respects, I'm wondering if my blog page would become like a progress report of my achievements and disaster. Would all this be confined to, LIKE A SINGLE PAGE or perhaps like a book with chapters.

I studied some blogs and from what I see, most appear to display a single recipe etc. Am I missing something. I'm not very good with thinking "blog" as I've never created one before.

I suppose another way of putting it may be like this,

Also, can I delete entries later?

Hope this makes sense. Thank you.