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Vacation fun

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Vacation fun

I walk out the door and all hell breaks out here, eh? Thank you JMonkey for doing your best to stay on top of it. I owe you a bottle of wine.

The people spammer has been banned and I've deleted all of the old people spams.

SD Guy has been banned. His ISP has been banned. Every IP he has ever used has been banned. I'm sure he'll figure out a way to sneak around it, but he is banned for good this time. As soon as I figure out it is him, I will kill the account again.

This is the fourth time he has been banned.

I have bent over backwards to try to accomodate him. He is the only person I've had to ban (except for plain old spammers). I don't even think I've had to ask anyone else to mellow out but once or twice. Every drama on this site that has happened in the past year has involved him. The rating feature, which took me a weekend to program, was one attempt to try to accomodate him. So was redoing the front page and the comments list to allow multiple conversations to occur simultaneously. It isn't worth it. I won't allow that kind of vemon on this site even if the baker wins the James Beard Award. That does not mean I hate him or have it out for him, but that won't go here.

I know he has at many times (most even) been helpful. People who still want to ask him questions can find him on I don't think it will take you long to figure out which user he is.


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and the site. I want to thank you for taking your hard earned time to make this such an enjoyable place for us to thrive and to nurture our love for making goodness for the ones we love!

 Cudos Floyd and thanks for letting me join you all.

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So sorry you've had to deal with all this, and while on vacation, too. It is so clear to all of us what a huge effort you put into this site, and to such very great effect; you make a lot of people's lives a lot nicer every day because of it!

I know it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth to have to deal with this sort of stuff, no matter what the circumstances. There are a whole lot of people out here thinking great thoughts about you; let that help this all disappear like the wake of a boat...

Thank you,


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It was no problem at all, Floyd and Dstroy. Killing spam is a task that gives me great joy.

Enjoy SF! I hear the bread there is pretty OK.

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Arrrugh! I slipped and hit the minus link rather than the plus. Can a few Fresh Loafers give this a plus. Thanks.


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Floyd if you are in all in your power to visit "Tartine."  A small, non-descript bakery in a building on a corner, green color, no name on the place.  Look at what they do with their "old" bread..from the tartine of course, to the bread pudding.  It is worth a flight to have lunch there.  It's on the corner of 18th and Guerrero in the mission district.  As we know, a true bakery has little waste..and they do it with flare.

 You may also want to visit SFBI - San Francisco Baking Institute..I flew up there from San Diego last month to check out their long program (18 weeks) and am seriously considering attending next year.  They provided a nice tour.. also purchased a great metal lame handle (no more coffee stirrer for me).  The bannetons were half the price of any place I have seen. SFBI is in South San Francisco.


SD Baker

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I've never been to Tartine bakery but I do have their cookbook and it is wonderful.  Please let us know if you have a chance and do enjoy your trip.

I was so upset when I saw that you were away and clearly your site was being purposefully disrupted.  I was hoping you had someone in charge to zap a few unwanted things if necessary and JMonkey, poor guy, had his hands full but kudos to ya, JMonkey with all you have to deal with yourself. :o)

I know some people liked SDG but truly they tell you that when someone reveals themself to you...believe them.  That's about enough said.

I've been on enough sites to see how a wonderful community of passionate "friends" can, in spite of their best wishes to continue to participate, eventually just get tired and move on.  This is my favorite site of all, I think of ever (hehe), and I would truly be heartbroken to see one person continue to send it into ruins.

Floyd, you know I'm not alone in saying how much we all love The Fresh Loaf.

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clearly the best decision, Floyd.

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you do it all perfectly.  My experience with my own forum as well as that of others is that forums are a lot like lawns with dandelions or gardens with weeds.  Each day I have to check or things get out of control.  I wish it weren't that way, but it seems as if that is the way life is.    thank you and of course enjoy

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thanks for all you do..This is the best site and we have a great group here. Even though we are on vacation, my husband has us hooked up..I could't bear to miss any great bread happenings!