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No bread this week. I was a bad baker.

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No bread this week. I was a bad baker.

When Ben and I took the dog to the groomer's for a bath earlier this week, we stopped in at the Oroweat thrift store. I always end up with way too much stuff. This time it was a cheese danish-like crumb cake for Ben, cinnamon-raisin english muffins for me, and a loaf of the wonderful healthy multi-grain bread *sheepish face*, also for me. Then the lady at the checkout told me to take one from the free rack, so I picked a loaf of sliced french bread, we can have some of that, and I can use the rest for french toast, and I think I'm going to make either this bread pudding or this one with the rest of it. That'll be the extent of my baking for this week.

never one to leave things alone, I cobbled it together from 3 recipes, and that baby is puffed up and nearly running over the edges of the 13x9 corning pan. d'oh!