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make parts easier to find?

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make parts easier to find?

While the current handbook organization is fine for beginning-to-end reading, it's kinda hard to locate just one specific item of interest. I use books both ways ("all the way through" and "read a particular chapter"), and I wish I could more easily use the handbook both ways too. For example, I knew David's treatise on scoring was in the handbook somewhere. Even so, it took me several rather frustrating minutes to locate it.

Here's a couple ideas I think would have helped me find that material:

First, can the Tables of Contents be multi-level rather than just single-level? From the topmost TOC, I'd like to at least be able to figure out the best route down to any item of interest. Currently I have to "guess" (too often wrongly) which chapter the item I want is under. If the fully detailed TOC looks too intimidating, it might work to instead fully display only two levels and for everything further down just list all the titles on a single line. The additional levels of items don't even need to be clickable (although they might be); all that's important to me is to know they exist and know what to click to reach them without backtracking.

And second, what about enhancing the "search" functionality to specifically find items in the handbook?  Maybe each result could just be distinctively marked (different color? different font?) if it's in the handbook. OR maybe all handbook results could be pulled out and displayed either in a completely separate section or at the top before any other results. OR maybe it could be a checkbox next to the search button.

(I've no idea how easy or hard it would be to implement any of these things, and I apologize in advance if these ideas are "obviously ridiculous" to those more in the know:-)


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sheffield (not verified)

It expands for me but not as far down as is shown in your post.

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but it will give you a couple of points of reference.  I'm able to get the multi-level TOC to display.  I use an iMac with the Mac OS 10.somethingorother.  The TOC opens up with both Safari and Chrome browsers.  And my ADSL connection is freakishly slow and more than a little bit flaky.

Like I said, no solution.  When you get a chance, try it from another computer that is running a different browser.  Maybe an updated browser will help, maybe not.

Good luck.


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Worked using IE, but not firefox.



EDIT, Call me a liar. Just tried it again with firefox and it worked.

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I use Firefox 4.0.1 on Windows XP-Pro Service Pack 3 and the TOC menu sections expand but only 1 section per level will open at a time.  In other words, if you click to expand section III Recipes, and then click to expand Section II Bread Basics, Section III will collapse.  If you have section II expanded, you can expand Ingredients or Process & Techniques but not both simultaneously.  I haven't used IE or Chrome on TFL but based on experiences on other web sites, I would expect them to act in a similar fashion.

I chopped off the list of recipes for display purposes only.  They all display in a scrollable window.